The “post-punk” kings land into the Catalan city


This band has been working in the music business since 1981. These veterans can presume of selling more than one hundred million albums in the whole world and they are considered one of the most successful electronic music bands.

They have been a reference for other band that encouraged mixing the power of rock with the electronic innovation and sounds. Thanks to their last album, Delta Machine, they make clear why they are eternal.

Their twelve albums have been a success with their original singles covered by other singers and bands through time.

Everybody knows their classic songs like “Enjoy the Silence”, “Personal Jesus”, “Just Can’t Get Enough” or the recent one “Soothe My Soul”. These songs have become greatest hits and they will be played in the Catalan city for sure.

The band wants to give everything at this point of their tour. Big lovers of our country, Depeche Mode will offer three concerts; this one in Barcelona and two more in Madrid. Also, we can’t forget the inaugural concert the last month of July in the festival called Bilbao BBK. They make their point; they are capable of meeting a lot of people from around the world.

The band formed by Martin Gore, Dave Gaham and Andy Fletcher, promises to give us all their strength and energy in this concert, showing us that years did nothing more than increase their style and experience.

The tickets sold out in a short period of time but if you have been one of the lucky ones, from our five stars hotel in Barcelona, Hotel Omm, we assure you that you will live a unique experience!