The return of Werther

Art, Barcelona

Melancholic love

This play, set in Wetzlar, Germany, tells the story of Werther, a romantic and passionate young man who is in love with the beautiful young Charlotte, a sweet and charming girl who is already engaged to another man who is 11 years older than her , his name is Albert. Despite Werther’s pain because of engagement of the couple, he decides to maintain a close friendship with Charlotte and Albert, until he can no longer bear the pain and after several distressing moments knowing that his love will never be reciprocated, Werther decides commit suicide.

A successful classic

This classic from Goethe is presented in four acts, it was released in Barcelona in 1899. Its last appearance in the city was on July 19 of 1992, 25 years ago, and this timeit is returning with a unique staging direction by the talented artist, Willy Decker, musical director Alain Altinoglu, set design and costume by Wolfgang Gussman and the director of the Children’s Choir Amics de la UniĆ³ de Granollers, Josep Vila i Jover. For the music it will have the participation of the Symphony Orchestra of the Gran Theater of the Liceu, everything under the production of Oper Frankfurt.

From our luxury hotel in Barcelona, we invite you to be part of the return of this great play to the stages of Barcelona, a magnificent occasion that marks a very important date for lovers of opera and theater in our city.