The small museums of Barcelona

Hotel Omm

The Museum of World Cultures exposes representative pieces of art from more than 30 different cultures from around the world. Hosted in the palaces Nadal and Marqués Lilió in Montcada Street, its mission is the preservation, presentation and diffusion of the artistic and cultural patrimony of several cultures from Africa, Asia, America and Oceania. An exposition that proposes to its visitors a trip back in time.

In the Museum of Catalan Modernism, placed in a modernist building from the 20th Century designed by Enric Sagnier, we can see around 350 pieces from the most influential and outstanding artists from the Catalan Modernism. The works exposed are classified in different categories: sculptures, paintings, furniture and decorative arts, and have been created by great artists like Santiago Rusiñol, Gaspar Camps i Junyent and even Antoni Gaudí.

The Museum of Ideas and Inventions of Barcelona (MIBA) is one of the most originals, curious and fun of Barcelona. Part of the collection of the MIBA is constantly being renovated, and the inventions are categorized in three different areas: Company Unlimited, Reflexionarium and Absurd Space. The inventions go from unhelpful and funny to genius ideas that make the daily life a more comfortable place. The perfect museum to spend a relaxed, fun and original day.

In Hotel Omm we want you to get to know Barcelona and its culture deeply and have a complete and unique experience. This is why we encourage you to visit these museums that, might not be the most popular, but are important when it comes to the art and history of Barcelona.