“The thinking machine” by Ramon Llull

Art, Barcelona

Inside the catalane culture this writer, philosopher and religious man is maybe one of the most respected and valued personalities, and with good reason. In spite, Llull lived in a very old time and place with just a few resources to expand his talent; he still managed to mark the difference and became a pioneer in so many aspects of the field of logic. He was known as an innovator in several places around the world.

The logic machine

Llull’s most known work is the thinking method he called Ars Magna, also known as Ars Combinatoria, the concept of this method consists in a complex mechanism of geometrical figures, of the considerate “perfects” ones, which represent letters and concepts with the purpose of achieving peace among religions through dialogue, reason and demonstration. According to Llull himself, the thinking machine could prove the truth or lies of a postulate. For Llull this work was so important that he dedicated almost all his life and work to try to explain and describe this piece to others.

This personality of catalane culture explore very different themes, he was a visionary who also dedicated part of his life to preach in several journeys he did as a religious missionary. He wrote more than 250 literary works and he was also known for being the first person to use catalane as a writing language inside and outside of Catalonia. Without a doubt, discovering and understanding Llull’s particular way of thinking is not an easy task but through this exhibition by CCCB, they promise to represent his work in an understandable way for everyone.

From Tuesday to Sunday, between 11hr and 20hr, until December 11 you can enjoy this impressive exhibition, which it’s been taking everyone’s breath since it was open to the public the past 14 of July.

From our luxury hotel in Barcelona, we invite you to know and enjoy more of the important personalities of catalane culture, like Ramon Llull.