The traditional festivity of the “Tres Tombs”

Hotel Omm

The main act of the Tres Tombs is a parade with the horses, carriages and other draft animals through the city, reason why this festivity is called Tres Tombs. Formerly, they made three laps around a bonfire made with green branches. When the Christians took over, the laps started to be made around Sant Antoni’s church or the image of the saint, where the blessing of the animals is done. In many places is a tradition to bring your pet to be blessed.

The carriages and riders will tour Sant Andreu’s streets until they reach Orfila square, where the blessing will take place. The parade of marching bands, horses and carriages will continue through the streets of the neighborhood and will end at Ferran Junoy Street. In addition, the celebration will feature the Centennial Chapel of Sant Antoni Abad, recently restored by the City Council.

The concentration and the speech will begin this January 24th at 10.30h in Calàbria Street with Floridablanca Street, and the parade will begin at 11h. Hotel Omm wants to encourage you to participate in this event with strong traditions and Catalan culture examples.