‘The Woman with Blue Shawl’ comes to Barcelona

Hotel Omm

Modernism was a period of booming and splendor when it comes to art in Barcelona. Surely if we ask lovers of the world of painting, in particular, we will discuss about a lot of works, views and styles. From Hotel Omm we want to focus the subject. In Barcelona, ​​if we speak of modernist painting we have a name: Pablo Ruiz Picasso, and a stage: Blue stage. With this introduction we present the history that lies behind the work of our famous painter.

‘The Woman with Blue Shawl’ is part of a series of exhibitions that Picasso created during his stay in Barcelona. This stage of his life he was endowed with great experimentation of colors and textures which finally opening the door to Modernism in our country.

From his first exhibition full of raucous and lively chromatic colors, his works came to be filled with bluish tone that conveyed sadness, poverty and loss. So, the famous ‘Blue Stage’ of Pablo Ruiz Picasso, recognized as the stage most personal and intimate artistic development of the artist. One of the reasons for the sentence was the suicide of his friend Carles Casagemas. The works that continue to this event are filled with blue as Picasso himself acknowledged: “It was Casagemas thinking when I started to paint everything in blue.”

Contemporaneously, the blue stage works are marked by themes of social criticism about the human condition.  ‘The Woman with Blue Shawl’ portrays elongated and disfigured faces with a monochrome trend of blue. At this stage Picasso focused on the tragic face of the female figure representing stunned women and overwhelmed mothers. They were figurative portraits of marginalized women that usually were condemned by society.

The Picasso Museum offers until December 14th an exceptional representation: ‘The Woman in Blue Shawl’ returns home to join the ‘Blue Stage’ by its creator, Picasso. With Hotel Omm you cannot miss it!