Thematic routes in Barcelona: Medieval route

Barcelona, Hotel Omm

This route has palaces, churches and civic buildings as a result of the power exercised by the Catalan-Aragon Crown during the Middle Ages over the Mediterranean, a passionate path through the Medieval Barcelona. Among the stops of this route you can see:

  • City Hall
  • Old Santa Creu Hospital
  • Montcada Street
  • Cathedral
  • Santa Maria del Pi basilica
  • The Llotja
  • Santa Maria de Pedralbes Real Monastery
  • Barcelona Maritime Museum
  • King Square
  • Generalitat palace
  • Sant Pau del Camp
  • Sant Pere de les Puelles
  • Saint María del Mar

The visit to the National Art Museum of Catalonia, in Montjuïc, closes the path of this route of the medieval Barcelona, which hands out a lot of history and architectonic design. If you want to know more about this Barcelona, don’t hesitate and do it. Omm Spa Barcelona wishes you a pleasant stay in this magnificent city.