Thematic routes in Barcelona: Roman route


Barcelona still preserves archeological rests from the times of the formation of the city. Barcino, the Roman city founded in the first century after Christ, has left a legacy that is visible in the Gothic neighborhood, where the first walled area was. In Ramón Berenguer square, Tapinería Street or Nova Square still can be observed parts of the Roman wall that conformed one of the doors to enter the city.

Among the featured visits of this Roman route we can find:

–          History Museum of Barcelona: Augusto Temple

–          History Museum of Barcelona: King’s Square

–          Roman wall and aqueducts: Ardiaca House

–          Wall and doors of the Roman city of Barcino: Nova Square

–          Wall and defense towers of Barcino: Ramón Berenguer Square

–          Archeology Museum of Catalonia

–          History Museum of Barcelona: Roman sepulchral via

Hotel Omm encourages you to join this adventure; a route that will transport you to the beginnings of Barcelona and will help you to deeply know the origins and transformation that this magnificent city, full of history and culture, has gone through.