Moments on the Omm Terrace (I) | Things To Do in Barcelona | Whatsup | Hotel Omm

14/8/18 Moments on the Omm Terrace (I)

The Terrace of the Omm is a must-see of the best terraces in Barcelona. From seven in the evening and until after midnight, everyone is invited to enjoy breath-taking views, a welcoming space, a relaxed environment and the finest food from the Lobby Bar & Restaurant. The Omm Terrace takes you to the seventh heaven, whatever your moment.

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Gala, the woman who seduced Dalí, in Barcelona | Things To Do in Barcelona | Whatsup | Hotel Omm

7/8/18 Gala, the woman who seduced Dalí, in Barcelona

In 1929, Dalí met someone who changed his whole life… and work. The woman who beats behind his brush strokes and appears in many of his canvases, and that same woman who became an artist herself, next to him, in her own way. One name: Gala. The MNAC museum in Barcelona makes her travel through time to the city with the exhibition Gala Salvador Dalí, A Room of One’s Own in Púbol. Available until October 14, don’t miss it!

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Thank you, Rosa | Things To Do in Barcelona | Whatsup | Hotel Omm

31/7/18 Thank you, Rosa

Thank you, Rosa. For these fifteen years together. For building a hotel that was your home and making this team, a family. For bringing the Roca Brothers to Barcelona. For asking more thant 100 artists to draw a plate for Roca Moo. For trying endless croissant recipes until you reached the perfect one. For creating a place that was the office of half Barcelona and the beginning of countless love stories. For illuminating every corner with natural light. For turning this hotel into an iconic meeting point in the city. For the famous people that have passed through here and have become friends. For taking care of every detail and being the perfect hostess for everyone. Thank you Rosa, for Hotel Omm.

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Art is on the table of Roca Moo | Things To Do in Barcelona | Whatsup | Hotel Omm

25/7/18 Art is on the table of Roca Moo

“More than 100 artists have designed a plate for Roca Moo”. This being said, the place speaks for itself. Roca Moo is a full experience, gastronomic, sensory and artistic. No plate is the same on the tables and all of them have been signed by musicians, painters, designers, architects and other famous culture personalities. From the first day, Roca Moo has always been defined for its uniqueness, taking care of all of those unique details that make it a unique restaurant. 4 days left for the last service… You have until July 28 to enjoy it!

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Rosa’s last party at the Omm | Things To Do in Barcelona | Whatsup | Hotel Omm

19/7/18 Rosa’s last party at the Omm

Emotion. If there is a word that can pick up the essence of the night of July 16 at the Hotel Omm, it is this one. Emotion in the farewell to a hotel that has been the home of Barcelona for 15 years. Emotion in the eyes of Rosa Esteva and the Roca brothers, who have been together in this adventure since the first day. Emotion among the guests, who are friends of the house, who have lived and shared unique moments in the Omm. Emotion in the memories. In the ambience. In the people meeting and hugging each other. In all smiles. Emotion.

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Spaciomm’s monthly pick | Things To Do in Barcelona | Whatsup | Hotel Omm

13/7/18 Spaciomm’s monthly pick

A 60-minute Abhyangam massage. This is the treatment Spaciomm’s Manager, Àngels Verdaguer, recommends for this month. “It is calm and energy”, she says with a gentle smile, “two concepts which might seem opposite, but that are actually synonymous. Without calm, there is no energy”. Discover it at Spaciomm!

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