Toni Catany in Casa Milà

Art, Hotel Omm

Catany could be considered a multifaceted photographer. Although your first impression could suggest otherwise and let you think that he is obsessed with the past, it is not like that. If you pay attention to his themes, from nudes, dead nature to landscapes, and his techniques, that go from polaroid to digital camera, we can see that it’s a photographer that doesn’t stop coming and going through different time periods and techniques.

When going meant coming back

In “Toni Catany, cuando ir era volver” we could see a different Catany from the one we are used to.  The photographer talks to us through his pictured, which if analyzed carefully, show a very personal side of the photographer, which brings sense to the work as a whole.

The exposition has an incomparable framework since the unique space that is Casa Milà brings up the beauty of the work. Curated by Alain d’Hooghe and Antoni Garau, it exposes more than a hundred pictures, among them some that have never been shown.

From your luxury hotel in Barcelona, we want to recommend that you take this opportunity while visiting out amazing city, and enjoy this exposition where you could find beauty in the most common object.

If you want to know more, don’t miss the guided visits Saturdays and Sundays!