Tragaluz Group’s Foundation gets involved in another social project

Hotel Omm

The objective of it all? To help young people, between the ages of 12 and 25, that due to their personal fragility and/or their history of frustration and academic dropout, are at risk of social and work exclusion. In this new space, located in the historic post office building of L’Hospitalet, they can encounter a recipe for hope: a training program and a way to getting a job. For the brightest, this is also an opportunity for an internship at one of the Tragaluz’s restaurants and, maybe, of even signing a professional contract afterwards.

After years of experience in the restaurant industry and having established itself as a leading company within the sector, the Tragaluz Group has become involved in the design and creation of this gastronomic school, advicing on its academic content as well as helping out with the bar service and the restaurant open to the public.

With this project, the Foundation of Tragaluz Group gives a step further in its desire to promote activities for the equal development of communities, a purposes in the form of little doses of opportunities spread worldwide since 2003. Therefore, this school and restaurant becomes one more of the many initiatives, some aleady completed and others still happening, that the foundation carries out not only in Spain, but also in Ghana, Mali, Peru, India, Colombia, Kenya, Haiti… And so on.