For Valentine’s Day: Eros Ramazzotti

Barcelona, Music

Thus, Eros visits Barcelona with ‘Perfecto World Tour’ to put the icing to the cake to Valentine’s Day.

The 5 star hotel in Barcelona opens its doors to a day full of love and international music.

For lovers: Eros Ramazzotti concert

A matter of chance, a unique opportunity and an unforgettable experience. Anyway, Eros Ramazzotti comes to Barcelona on the 14th of February on his ‘Perfecto World Tour’.

The Italian singer has a name with its own meaning in Greek mythology: Eros was the god of love. Hence, it seems a result of Romanticism that Eros Ramazzotti, known worldwide for his love songs, performs a concert in Barcelona on Valentine’s Day.

In his world tour, he will cross 28 countries with the most known songs of his career. In addition, at the concert the singer will show how sweet the moment he is in is. He is a master on instruments so he will play piano and guitar and he will even dare to dance salsa, in order to surprise the audience.

The concert will vibrate with hits of his long career and provide new songs from his latest album ‘Perfecto’. Undoubtedly, the best soundtrack for such a special day like this.

On February 14, Eros Ramazzotti transports you to a romantic setting with his best songs and a new entourage.

After the concert, in the luxury hotel in Barcelona you can find the best way to end a happy Valentine’s Day with your loved one.

Eros Ramazzotti acts in the Palau Sant Jordi on 14 February. From Hotel Omm, Barcelona luxury hotel, we recommend you to do something special. On February 14, you have an appointment!