Views of Barcelona from CCCB


December 7th is the last opportunity to enjoy awesome views from this point of view, which also have unexpected views. Located at the bottom of its prismatic structure and a glass façade, designed by Albert Viaplana, close to the old Casa de la Caritat (charity house) patio, the CCCB point of view in Barcelona is a privileged space that this 2014 has been open for free each first Sunday of each month, from 11am to 8pm.

Every Saturday, from 5pm to 10pm, in Ángels Square, 8, CCCB and MACBA museum propose ‘Room 14180’, activities for creative young people from 14 to 18. Both museum and centre resources will be available to them.

CCCB programme anniversary throughout the year has included concerts, films, exhibitions, lectures, debates, researches and fomentation of new technologies and languages. One of the most notable was the creation of an International Award for Cultural Innovation, which is a biannual award. First call item is Publics. Good luck to all the participants!