Visit “La Casa de les Punxes”

Art, Barcelona

The Casa Terradas, popularly known as “La Casa de les Punxes”, belong to the sister Àngela, Josefa, and Rosa Terradas; it was their brother, Bartomeu Terradas Brutau, whom in year 1905 order to modernist architect Josep Puig i Cadafalch, the reformation of three houses, each of his sisters owned at streets Roselló, Bruc and Avinguda Diagonal. The result was the unification of these three houses into a spectacular construction that show us a modernist version of medieval times.

Discovering the details

The elements that decorate the outside of Casa Terradas are truly captivating. We can see forged steel in the balconies, courtesy of Manuel Ballarín; neogothic references, work of Alfons Juyol and magnificent stained glass windows made by Eduard Amigó. Although maybe what characterize the most Casa Terradas, are the six pointed towers with conic needle form; it is thanks to these towers that the house received its particular name “Las Casa de les Punxes” in english, “The pointed house”.

In the frontage of the building, we can appreciate different decoration allusive to historical people and representative symbols of the catalane culture, like for example, there is a part of the ceiling, in which you can see Knight Sant Jordi, patron of Catalonia. With a frontage, fully build with bricks, roof twofold, anagrams distributed to go around the base of the main tower and stained glass colors that give life to this work.

The house opens its doors

Until its opening to the public last august, this house was private property and it only held business office inside, but after several reforms, this modernist wonder has been prepare to open its doors to the public and offer guided visits in which you can learn the history inside the house.

From our design hotel in Barcelona, we invited you to enjoy the wonders of modernist constructions that display the essence of Barcelonese architecture.