Walking with Gaudí


Buildings that make the difference because of its design and creativity and that, even in some occasions have been recognized over the whole world. Architectures speaks of Catalan art. In this case, of Antoni Gaudí, Catalan architect with international acknowledgement.

Its architectural beauties are mostly found in Paseo de Gracia, this is why Hotel Omm takes the chance of such closeness to talk about the exhibition in the Museo Diocesano, Walking with Gaudí.

Architectural treasures by Gaudí in Barcelona

Barcelona is lucky to enjoy some of the works of such a genius as Antoni Gaudí among its streets.

Those architectures are signs of the Catalan society. El Born, el Parc Güell and Casa Güell, some elements in Parc de la Ciutadella… In the same area that Hotel Omm is located, some of the Gaudi’s beauties can be admired as Casa Milà, also known as la Pedrera, and Casa Batlló.

However, the most important work as the result of this overwhelming creativity is La Sagrada Familia. In the performance of such project, Gaudi did not only focus on the building as a whole but also work in detail with the most accurate decoration. The creator had a wonderful ability to capture space and volume, and this is how each one of his works are authentic jewels of Spanish architecture.

Moreover, he was recognized as one of the main leaders of Modernism in Catalonia due to those works. Thus, his artistic creativity shows some architectural treasures that the public can admire nowadays.

Walking with Gaudí in Museo Diocesano  

Walking with Gaudí is a wide exposition in Museo Diocesano that portrays the creativity, engine and art of the architect.

You can find unique pieces and a lot of digital material. Technology is key to expose the works from the secrets and emotions of the artist.

This is the reason why the Gaudí Exhibition Center is created and provided with audiovisual applications and multimedia to go into the world, where the artist lived in. To offer a unique legacy of his art.

Hence, Walking with Gaudí is a visit through the culture and artist life of Gaudí. You cannot miss it!