We open windows to cinema at the Comedia

Paseo de Gracia

We can’t conceive cinema without Alfred Hitchcock’s work, who shook up the film industry with his visionary style. In this iconic movie by the English director, we will live the complicated situatuation of a photographer and journalist portrayed by James Stewart.

After an accident, he must stay at home most of the time. From his bedroom’s window, he will start to pay attention to the neighbours routine, until a day when one of them does something suspicious. From this point, the film makes an unexpected twist and the protagonist and his wife live a terribly tense situation.

This session is the ending for the film series arranged by this movie theatre and Phenomena. Along these series, they’ve shown the main films by Hitchcock, like Psicosis or The Birds. There’s no better way to say goodbye to this series than with Rear Window, winner of an Edgar award and the New York Film Critics Circle Award. It’s an intriguing and suprising movie that you can’t miss.

If you want to enjoy a different plan, go Friday evening to Sala Comedia to watch a classic film. Remember that the session will be at 20h and its price is €6. After that, we recommend you to come to our five star hotel, Hotel Omm, to taste our original and creative dishes by the Roca brothers in the Roca Bar. Located in the lobby of our hotel, we ensure that it will be a great way to start the weekend.