How is the gastronomic experience in our Michelin star restaurant?

Hotel Omm

Dedication, creativity and seasonal quality products. This defines a luxury gastronomic experience in our restaurant with a Michelin star, Roca Moo of Hotel Omm. Book a table in this establishment is to enjoy a unique moment tasting haute cuisine advised by the Roca brothers and directed by our expert Chef Juan Pretel. However, what is it that makes us special? We invite you to get to know Roca Moo better by the hand of Chef Juan Pretel.

Hello Juan! If you had to define Roca Moo with a dish … which one reflects its essence better?

Any of the classics menu of Celler de Can Roca, since it is our headquarters. For example, this month of June we have renewed the Moo Menu, offered midday Tuesday to Friday for only 49€, and among the new dishes we have included one of my favourites: the elderberry soup with cherries and smoked eel.

What is the standard to include a dish in the menus of the Rock Moo?

Our kitchen is based in a tasting menu style, so we elaborate the menus always thinking about offering a balance of flavours. Based on this, seasonality is an important standard to ensure that the product is seasonal.

What is the most appreciated menu for diners?

The Joan Roca Menu composed of 10 dishes and 2 desserts. It starts with a gazpacho of white asparagus, the Mediterranean vegetable garden and the smoked sardine of the moment. Then, we serve an oyster with mushroom soup, a splendour of shrimp and scallops with salicornia pesto. The striped stingray, the “suquet” of monkfish, the roast suckling pig with grilled endives and the goose royale complete the main courses. Finally, the sweet touch of Perfume Omm and “ni chicha ni limoná”.

How many people participate in the elaboration of each dish or menu?

Between three and five.

What is the approximate duration of a meal or dinner at Roca Moo?

Between two and three hours for each of the two menus, Los Clásicos and Joan Roca. As for the Moo Menu only, served at noon, you can enjoy it in about an hour because it is a more agile proposal, designed to make it the ideal choice for those who are passing through or visiting the city as well as those who must return to work.

What is your philosophy to keep the Michelin star?

We always aspire to make the most of every dish, to offer an unforgettable and luxurious experience: from the kitchen to the service, we want the customer to enjoy every second in the Roca Moo. When you settle for little, it is when you fail.

What protocol do you follow when presenting a dish to the guest?

We want to convey the illusion and effort that lies behind each dish. To achieve this, at the time of presenting one we have a basic rule: be natural.

Finally… what makes the Roca Moo different from the rest of restaurants with a Michelin star?

If something makes us exceptionally unique is the influence of the Roca brothers behind the stoves. Joan, Josep and Jordi Roca have been able to find the balance of their respective gastronomic talents – one is a chef, the other is a sommelier and the youngest brother is a patissier – the formula for an admired and respected international haute cuisine.

Several establishments around the world wanted to work with the Roca brothers, but they have only chosen to run another space apart from Celler de Can Roca: our Hotel Omm.

If I had to highlight two more characteristics … The bar in sight, which involves the diner in the experience because it allows to discover how the dishes are elaborated and, indisputably, the closeness of the service.

We will be waiting for you in our restaurant Roca Moo, where each dish is an exercise of gastronomic creativity by our chef and the Roca brothers in their multiple meetings, as you can see in the photo provided by Coolture magazine.