When the lines become time

Hotel Omm

In a moment of social disenchantment, When lines become time breaks with the promise of eternal time and makes it out with different Works that together create little stories that introduce ourselves in the ephemerality of art. The customer is exposed to works that capture human gestures and errors applied to impossible objects, a multiplicity of stories are presented juxtaposed in order to make us question our environment. The Hotel in the center of Barcelona is committed to the cultural proposals that beautify the city.

Isn’t it astonishing the manner in which Espai 13 proposes you to look again around you? This series of exhibitions that presents the Joan Miró Foundation offers an exercise of ‘looking again’. It’s time to give another perspective to our reality, and When lines become time guarantees it. These are issues on temporality about the perennial and outdated.

So if you are looking for a response, a look beyond or something as perennial as enjoying the beauty of art, Espai 13 at the Joan Miró Foundation has an appointment for you that you cannot refuse: From 01/10/2015 to 11 / 09/2016 Omm Luxury Hotel suggests you to accept the invitation of the Fundació Joan Miró to enjoy this project art and temporality curated by Martí Manen.

You cannot miss the appointment, art does not wait!