“Works and Days” Exhibition by Alfons Borrell

Art, Barcelona

Alfons Borrell is considered one of the leading representatives of Catalan pictorial abstraction, but in addition to Barcelona, he has been linked to Sabadell, where he works and spreads his work.

The exhibition includes about 200 pieces – 130 of them unpublished – that explore Borrell path through paintings, drawings, prints, audiovisual materials (like the film Aigua Fosca, 1964) and personal notes, first exposed, from his encounter with the painter Herman Anglada (in whose workshop in Port Pollença he began his adventures as a painter).

The exhibition avoids a chronological journey to instead treat the pictorial practice as a essay where Borrell explores seven areas in six decades: prelude, oblique rebellion, opening and overflow, contained action, testing the limits, repetition and variation, and color as a subject.

One essay with multiple interpretations complemented by a catalog in which Vilapuig Oriol (curator of the exhibition), Jessica Jaques, Carles Guerra, Alvaro Siza and Alfons Borrell analyzed the work of an artist whon ever considered himself a creator, as he himself said “I’m not an artist, I feel that I live life.

You can enjoy this exhibition of Alfons Borrell, a pictorial artist whose work has been consolidated as an expressive body and of great intensity and strength. Now we can go over a hundred of his works, performed in over sixty years of work. Omm 5 star Hotel Barcelona encourages you not to miss it in the MirĂ³ Foundation until September 27th.