World Press Photo 15 Barcelona

Hotel Omm

World Press Photo exhibits in Barcelona

World Press Photo is a creative force that proposes the diffusion of multimedia content and intends to retain human reality by means of the means of visual journalism. The camera is a powerful weapon to capture our close reality from another lens. Thus, those more than 5,000 participants in the contest of photojournalism want to place the viewer, just behind the lens they work with, a reality that sometimes seems distant to us, but in the end, this creates a common consciousness that we call humanity.

Among the chosen themes for the images are Ebola disease, which has caused such a stir around the world; the war in Ukraine and homophobia, but also other aspects that are part of our customs as nature, food or sport. These silenced topics are treated with sensitivity, rawness and truth that the human eye gives. Because of this, the winner of the most important exhibition in the world of photojournalism, Mads Nissen said in the press conference, “the picture is like a mirror to look at himself” and thus reproduced in its award-winning image a touch of the homosexual reality in Russia.

World Press Photo Exhibition by the Photographic Social Vision Foundation

Moreover, we cannot continue talking about this proposal of inspiration, education and social commitment without making reference to the foundation that makes it possible: The Photographic Social Vision Foundation. An entity that cooperates with the creation and distribution of multimedia content of journalistic nature in order to teach people to see in order to understand and at the same time, raise public awareness of a reality unknown.

Hotel Omm promotes participation in worthy causes such as the World Press Photo. On this occasion, it has 134 photographs and 7 multimedia works winners of the international competition. Would you dare to miss it?