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World Press Photo 2017

Hotel Omm, Photography

See to understand

A group of German photographers who organized a contest to expose their work to other international colleagues formed the World Press Photo foundation, in 1955. Gradually, this contest became the most prestigious photographic competition in the world, for not only the recognition of the photographers and the dedication in their work, but also for the impact that these images of the real world produce; the people and the debate that they generate. This being many times a world almost unknown; that is why this year the World Press Photo exhibition emphasizes the motto #SeeToUnderstand.

This has always been the main mission of World Press Photo, to inspire the understanding of the world in which we live and its most important events through quality press photography. These images are usually extremely powerful and in them, we can perceive the multiple emotions present in a unique photographic composition on some determined and decisive moment of modern history.

Being one of the photographic exhibitions with more visitor the city, the last edition of 2016 achieved a new record to reach the largest number of visitors with 56,400 visits.

A more than visual experience

Since 2005, Photographic Social Vision as a partner of the World Press Photo Foundation, together with the Center for Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB), organizes this exhibition, where attendees can enjoy audiovisual content, workshops and conferences linked to the winning images.

From our design hotel in Barcelona, we invite you to visit and experience in depth the experience of the World Press Photo from 29 April to 5 June at the CCCB, located on Montalegre 5, very close to Rambla de Catalonia and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona.