Xavier Miserachs’ Barcelona

Hotel Omm

The city has a wide cultural offer to all tastes, from open-air markets, museums, restaurants, exhibitions…

Hence, as we know that you are one of those who enjoy with the alternative plans proposed by the city, Omm Hotel has something to suggest to you, if you are in Barcelona from September 18 to March 27 you have to visit the exhibition Miserachs Barcelona, a portrayal that culminates the work of management, cataloging and preservation of the fund from the photographer Xavier Miserachs from Barcelona, deposited at MACBA in 2011 and it is because of the friendship that unites us that becomes special for us to recommend it.

Xavier was an important customer of our Mordico’s restaurant, the first one, and some of his photographs are exposed in our restaurants, the most special one is the one that is presented at Cuines de Santa Caterina.

This evidence is an acknowledgement to the intense relationship of Xavier Miserachs with Barcelona and his definitive influence in the construction of one of the photographic itineraries of the city.

Moreover, it is presented as an example of care for the photographic heritage that reflects the will of his family to make visible to the audience the materials kept in the MACBA’s centre of Studies and Documentation in order to be cataloged and investigated.

The project will be joined to the publication of the photo book Miserachs Barcelona, co-published with the RM publisher, and a manual of essays about the photographer. You cannot miss it! Omm Hotel in Paseo de Gracia suggests you this exhibition that portrays Barcelona from Xavier Miserachs’ point of view.