Sample: Xavier Miserachs. Unforeseen epilogue


Casa Milà, an architectural icon of Gaudí a few steps from our hotel in Barcelona, has prepared an exhibition on the work of the Catalan photographer Xavier Miserachs, a character whose story is entangled with the history of Grupo Tragaluz. A preview? Miserachs was a regular at the Group’s first restaurant, the Mordisco, which used to be located in the space where Hotel Omm is located now.

This exhibition at Casa Milá offers a tour of his years dedicated to photography, with which he managed to capture a vision of the people in the streets of Barcelona in the 50s.

The photographer of the barceloneses

Miserachs was one of the young people who, during the 1950s, found in the creativity and innovation of photography an expression tool to capture the atmosphere of the time, showing even a little of his own life.

Through the lens of his camera, with a sensitive and human vision, he captured everyday moments in the city, from the life of passers-by to the soul of the streets of Barcelona and the rise of modern life in times of postwar.

Commonly described as a cheerful, charismatic, creative, intelligent and with a great sense of humor by those who came to know him, Miserachs is considered a pioneer in the field of photography, an epithet that explains the interest that awakened and continues to awaken his work.

In this exhibition of Casa Milà, which will be available to the public until July 15, 2018, you will be able to observe the evolution of its work, always in keeping with the historical and technical events that surrounded it.

In general, a wide selection of images shows the techniques applied and how his passion for photography was developed and professionalized. In this way, the exhibition explores the photographer’s own career, revealing from the most amateur to the most professional photographs, from those in black and white to the arrival of color and the rise of the most daring experimental photography.

Miserachs and its relationship with the Skylight Group

Xavier Miserachs was a very habitual and beloved client of the restaurant Mordisco, the first restaurant of Grupo Tragaluz. Open 30 years ago, in this first adventure of the Group used to meet artists and intellectuals of the time, renowned personalities from the world of design and culture. And among them, Miserachs, with his smile and his camera in tow.

In fact, as a tribute and nod to all the shared anecdotes, for all the stories he told us around a table, one of his photographs was hung for a long time in the restaurant Cuines de Santa Caterina, also of Grupo Tragaluz.

From our hotel in Barcelona, we recommend you to discover the history and work of this important artist of the Catalan culture turned into one of the references of the artistic movement of the Barcelona of the 50s. You can visit this exhibition from Monday to Sunday 10am to 8pm in the Exhibition Hall of Casa Milà.

And if after leaving this exhibition you feel like coming a little closer to what your life was like, your tastes and preferences, go ahead and visit the one that was his favorite restaurants -and that continues to be one of our essentials – the Mordisco, located just five minutes’ walk from Casa Mila and our 5 star hotel in Paseo de Gracia.