Yoga at Hotel Omm’s terrace!


Because yoga classes are back to the terrace of Hotel Omm! Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, from eight to ten in the morning, for in-house guests and in a privileged space overlooking Casa Mila. The classes are for a maximum of three people, are taught by our instructor and physiotherapist Laura and must be booked the day before by calling +34 934 454 949, at the hotel reception or by dialing extension 823 from the hotel rooms. The price per person is 60 € per hour.

“The lessons are absolutely personalized” explains Laura. “After studying the precise needs of each person, we perform an initial guided meditation, then continue with the asana (yoga postures) dynamic work and end the class with some relaxing stretches”. Thus, the sessions can be adapted to the level of each client, from the new-beginners to those that are already experts, so that everyone can make the most out of this excellent millenarian activity which activates the consciousness of our body and our mind.

Because practicing yoga is beneficial for both at a physical and mental level: it improves the state of the spine, mobilizes the joints and strengthens and stretches large muscle groups. It also improves our breathing, increasing the health of the lungs, and contributes to acquire greater flexibility, strength and ability.

But beyond making us feel more active, with less back pain and of improving the quality of sleep, yoga “allows you to connect with your inner self and start a path of self-awarenes” Laura adds. The practice of asana is fully carried out in the present moment, here and now, without remembering, projecting or judging.

“It is not that we come to enlightenment, but simply to flow in the present moment, the only place where harmony, creativity and peace of mind reside.” So, can you think of a better way to start your morning? On the terrace of our hotel in Paseo de Gracia, feeling the sun on the cheeks and… namaste!