ZAS! Dance and Magic

Barcelona, Dance

Talented young people

Pablo Barán, known on stage as “Magic Pablo” is in charge of giving the tocuh of magic to this show that surprises all who visit it for it’s great staging, creativity and originality, but in this show not only magic is the main subject since Magic Pablo is accompanied by two talented and agile dancers, Cristina and Judit, these to beautiful women add the dance in the show; The fusion between these two modalities is what creates the real magic on stage.

A show that travels around the world

The story of ZAS! begins in a laboratory, then it take us in a journey to several destinations accompanied by magic games, costumes inspired in different countries, amazing visual effects, 3D scenography, all accompanied by the incredible talent of Magic Pablo and the two dancers who accompany him to present a show with a never seen before format that promises to amaze the public, but especially the children, that will surely be delighted with the illusions.

Despite his short 19 years, Pablo Barán has already begun to reinvent the world of magic with this format of magic show that merges with dance and music. There is no doubt that his particular way of doing magic begins to attract the attention of many spectators and fascinates the children, so it is likely that we will continue to listen to the name of Pablo. The functions will be on Sundays at 12:00 until February 26 at the Teatreneu Terol 26 street.

If you are planning to spend a few days with your children in our 5 star hotel in Barcelona we invite you to enjoy this original magical show that will leave you more than astonished maybe hallucinated.