8/8/16 Divino Morales, spanish art at the MNAC

Come to meet the work of Divino Morales through the art show displaying at the National Art Museum of Catalonia and get inside the work of this important and representative painter of devotional character in the spanish art. Enjoy this work selection of the artist until September the 25th.

The National Art Museum of Catalonia along with the Fine Arts Museum of Bilbao and the National Museum of El Prado organise this art exposition that counts with a total of 52 art pieces from Luis de Morales, a.k.a Divino Morales. The artwork belongs to different collections, among them some personals and others from ecclesiastical institutions.

Named Divino Morales because of the intensity of his devotional work, Luis de Morales is one of the most original painters from the Spanish Revival credit that some people think he earned with The Greco. The artist, that worked between Portugal and Extremadura, was a very known artist at the time, in part thanks to the fact that he have his own art studio and also to the multiple copies of his artwork, he gained fame and recognition only  years after El Greco.

The artwork, mainly consist of small tables of religious themes, with a very clear commercial intent, showcase in a passionate way different religious situations with an important iconographic load.

The art show is the result of an exhaustive study made by nineteen historians, whose conclusions are publish in the exposition’s catalogue.

If you don’t want to miss this example of spanish art exploit your time in the Paseo de Gracia’s Hotel and come to visit the National Art Museum of Catalonia so you can admire in deep the spanish art and more in concrete of Divino Morales.