Exhibition of virtual reality in the CCCB by Björk |

3/7/17 Exhibition of virtual reality in the CCCB by Björk

Björk Guðmundsdóttir, better known as Björk, is the Icelandic singer, songwriter, producer and artist who, from June 14 to September 24, will present her work of virtual reality at the Center for Contemporary Culture in Barcelona, one of the most visited exhibition centers, located in the charismatic Raval district.

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Oriol Vilanova. Diumenge |

29/3/17 Oriol Vilanova. Diumenge

Until May 28 at the Fundació Antoni Tàpies you will be able to visit the particular exhibition called “Diumenge” of Oriol Vilanova, where the collector shows us his complete collection of postal cards from all periods and geographical areas.

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Fenómeno Fotolibro |

27/3/17 Fenómeno Fotolibro

In these digital times, it seems like to everyone’s surprise, printed material is gaining strength again, and that is precisely what the exhibition “Phenomenon Fotolibro” is demonstrating. An exhibition that opened on 17 March and will be available until 27 August in the exhibition hall of the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona.

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José Pedro Croft: New work, old territories |

13/3/17 José Pedro Croft: New work, old territories

The SENDA Gallery, of contemporary art, presents an exhibition with the work of one of the most influential artists in Portuguese culture. It is José Pedro Croft, one of the highest representatives of sculpture in Portugal. The exhibition “New works, old territories” will inaugurated on March 23 at the SENDA Gallery and will be available until May 5.

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De Natvræ |

15/2/17 De Natvræ

From February 17 until April 13, the SETBA Foundation will have a collective exhibition of artists who find inspiration in the different elements of nature in order to create their artistic works.

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1.000 m2 of sexuality |

8/2/17 1.000 m2 of sexuality

Until 19th of March in the Exhibition Hall of the Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB) the exhibition 1,000 m2 of sexuality can be visited, an exhibition that has been in charge of investigating and representing how spaces for sex have been projected in our society since the S. XVIII.

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