27/11/15 Massage The Sweet Ayurveda

Christmas is coming and we have prepared something very special for you in our Spa! The Sweet Ayurveda, a massage with orange, cinnamon, chocolate and clove that will help you to relax the muscles, moisturize, provide nutrients to the skin and improve the mood.

During December Spaciomm offers you 45 minutes of massage for 48€ instead the original price, 80€.

25/11/15 Black Friday is just around the corner

At this time of year, cold gradually gets a more important role on the streets. Low temperatures announce the long-awaited date: Christmas. In our country, the beginning of the Christmas season is determined by extravagant discounts. This kick started a career of unprecedented deals and discounts named as Black Friday. Hotel Omm, in the heart of Paseo de Gracia, dedicate today’s post to a weekend, from 27 to 30 November, focusing on affordable shopping for all budgets.

23/11/15 World Press Photo 15 Barcelona

Nowadays society is merged in a continuous convulsive change due to migratory crises, scarcity of resources and armed conflicts. World Press Photo presents this social transformation in the exhibition held in Barcelona. Under the slogan “see in order to understand”, this edition shows the harsh reality of some contemporary aspects that are happening, as the migration of refugees or the Ebola epidemic. From November 12 until December 13, World Press Photo presents the ‘B side’ of a wound in the human society at the Center of Contemporanean Culture of Barcelona (CCCB).

18/11/15 Dalí, master of metamorphosis

The concept of metamorphosis inevitably evokes a transformation. A body, a physical object or an intangible subjectivity suffer an alteration of its original state when exposed to a process of metamorphosis. In this climate of physical and/or abstract change, Hotel Omm wants to invite its guests to a tour of extravagance and rigor through the works of one of the most outstanding exponents of Surrealism: Salvador Dalí.

16/11/15 The musical theatre Mamma Mia again in Barcelona

Mamma mia! Just those two words are needed and the melody starts ringing through your heart and soul. Mamma mia here I go again, and so it is Mamma mia, the succeeding musical festival comes again to fill Barcelona with music that has hit a time. This month of November, Tivoli Theatre is the one in charge to welcome this wonderful artistic proposal during three months. Hotel Omm is dancing to the rhythm of ABBA’s music and invites you to a date with entertainment.

13/11/15 Celebrate Christmas at Hotel Omm!

The Hotel Omm, at the heart of Barcelona, can be the best choice to celebrate these special dates.