24/4 Parks in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of those cities that can be discovered in many different ways: through its neighborhoods, its culture, its art… but there is also a green Barcelona, the Barcelona of the parks and gardens that are spotted around the city. They are green spaces of high interest, whether botanic, urban or sculptural. Omm Hotel & Spa 5* Barcelona invites you to wear comfortable shoes and walk with us through these spaces full of life.

20/4 Sant Jordi

April 23rd is a very special day in Barcelona because Sant Jordi, the patron of the city, is celebrated. In this day a very deep tradition takes place among the Catalan people: women get a rose and men get a book in exchange. From Omm Spa Barcelona, we tell you everything that happens this day so you can enjoy it as an authentic Catalan.

17/4 TITAN DESERT 2015


The TITAN DESERT, one of the hardest mountain bike races ever known, is around the corner. This tenth edition will be held in Morocco from April 27 to May 2, under the slogan ‘Ten years of legend’.

13/4 Curious museums of Barcelona

It is pretty clear that Barcelona is a charming city, full of art, architecture and museums that take us to other periods of time and teach us the story of a city that has always lived to the limit. But it also holds a variety of museums that show us a different side of Barcelona, a sweeter and funnier one. Omm Hotel & Spa 5* introduces the small museums of this city.

3/4 Barcelona Restaurants app

Now you can enjoy the Barcelona’s official restaurant guide published by Turisme de Barcelona. This app features a selection of 170 of the city’s top-quality restaurants which offer an affordable dining experience.