30/8/13 Japonismo, fascination by Japanese art.

If you are interested by Japanese culture now you have the chance to see “Japonismo. La fascinación por el arte japonés” exposition in CaixaForum until the 15th of September.

28/8/13 Tintín, intrepid adventurer

From the 6th of June to the 29th of September, the Museu d’Història de Catalunya will host the “Aquel joven reportero que tenía un fox terrier blanco” exposition, a tribute to the iconic character of Tintin and his creator, Georges Remi (Hergé).

26/8/13 Supercopa second match, the first trophy of the football season!

Supercopa de España will take place this Wednesday 28th between FC Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid. The second football match will be at 23h. in Camp Nou and we will know the winner of the first trophy of this football season.

23/8/13 Give an ENOMATIC experience!

If you’re tired of giving the same presents, ENOMATIC is the perfect detail to offer an experience of the senses that joins aroma, flavour and texture into one cup.

21/8/13 Barcelona without hurries: Charming passages, the best kept secrets in the Eixample

Small and intimate streets, peaceful gardens, courts and peaceful cloisters. Come and discover the hidden corners of Barcelona and take shelter in an oasis of peace in the heart city.

19/8/13 Jazz music will take place in La Pedrera

Upcoming Thursday, Friday and Saturday of August and the same days of September’s first week, you will be able to see Jazz music in La Pedrera from 21h45.