19/4/17 Where to stay in Barcelona for your next visit?

When traveling to a new destination the majority of travelers search some aspects as far as the accommodation is concerned. Among them we can emphasize: proximity to the main attractions of the city, good connection to public transport, restaurants and different places to grab a bite, good service and good reviews from former guests, and of course an excellent relation between the quality and price of the accommodation service.

17/4/17 Bridal Fashion Week

Over the next few days, from the 25th until April 30, the Gran Vía Fira Barcelona venue will host the catwalk of a dream event. This is the Bridal Fashion Week, where the most renowned bridal dresses firms in Spain will reunited.

14/4/17 Tragaluz Group’s Foundation gets involved in another social project

To find a second chance, this time in the kitchen. This is the essence of the new social project in which the Tragaluz Group, through the Tragaluz Children of the World Foundation, collaborates together with the El Llindar Foundation, and that crystallizes in the creation of the El Repartidor school and restaurant.

12/4/17 When is the best time to visit Barcelona?

Barcelona is a city with a very good climate and atmosphere throughout the year, in fact, this is one of the main characteristics that makes Barcelona one of the most visited cities in Europe. However, there are times of the year that stand out for being the best moment to plan your trip to Barcelona.

10/4/17 The pillars of Europe. The Middle Age at the British Museum

The exhibition “The pillars of Europe. The average age at the British Museum “is the first sample that emerges from the agreement signed in 2015 between Obra Social” La Caixa “and the British Museum. A display of numerous objects from the Middle Age that shows to the visitors how life was in this long period of European history. You can visit this exhibition in the building of CaixaForum Barcelona until 18 June.


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