31/5/13 Instagram Roca Bar action

Enjoy your meal at Roca Bar, share your pictures and be pampered in our urban oasis: Spaciomm.

28/5/13 Enjoy the arrival of the good weather going for a walk in Barcelona with the Hotel Omm’s electrical bikes

Do you want to visit the most emblematic corners of Barcelona while you enjoy the good weather without hurries? The Hotel Omm makes it easy offering you the electrical bicycles Smart by Mercedes Benz. They are ecological, easy to drive, comfortable, as well as light and safe to pedal quietly along the city.

24/5/13 23 days after the official check in of the catalan journalist Bibiana Ballbè in the Hotel Omm, everything has happened! Shall we remember it?

If you don’t want to miss any detail of #BBatOMM, follow it in bworldwith.us. Pictures by Ferran Forné.

21/5/13 Madama Butterfly, a Grand Opera Illuminating a Japanese Tragedy

The opera Madama Butterfly portrays the tragic story of Cio-Cio San (Madama Butterfly) a geisha who fell in love with an America naval officer. The opera will return to Barcelona 20-29 of July in the Gran Teatro de Liceu.

18/5/13 La Nit dels Museus, Saturday May 18th

Today we celebrate the Museum’s International Day and the Nits dels Museus. From 7:00 pm to 1:00 am you will be able to access a long list of museums in Barcelona completely fee and enjoy lots of shows and exhibitions.

17/5/13 Jugada a tres Bandas (until 28.05.2013)

Jugada a 3 bandas arrives for the first time in Barcelona with a view to connecting art galleries, curators and artists.