6/11/13 BCN en las Alturas, one of the best emergent flea markets

Located in the singular building of “Los Tilos” next to te Pabellones Güell, on the 7th, 8th and 9th of November will take place the glamorous flea market of BCN en las Alturas, in the middle of Pedralbes neighbourhood. This flea market takes the best things from the London Portobello Market, with a unique beauty.

In BCN en las Alturas we can find an infinity interesting products. Far from being a conventional flea market, in that place we will find during these three days, an endless stands that will offer the best in beauty, fashion, children fashion, decoration and gastronomy. All the things that you can find in BCN en las Alturas are singular products and very classy for ones who want to find something unique. There will be more than fifty local production brands in the flea market, supporting the local production and last trends.
The flea market is the perfect excuse to look for the best Christmas presents. There isn’t a better way to surprise our friends and family with singular, quality and trendy products. Nobody wants to go to malls anymore. On the other hand, you can find emergent brands that don’t have a store. Because of this, you will be able to find unique pieces that you won’t find anywhere else, only in this flea market.

The best thing in BCN en las Alturas is its perfect combination of offers and location. Getting lost through its stands looking for something original will be a pleasure in that building called Los Tilos. This place hosts a stately century house with a unique architecture with big gardens designed by Gaudí.

BCN en las Alturas is built under the same motto as our Barcelona 5-star hotel, Hotel OMM: enjoy a different days in town. You can go with friends or family and discover the infinity products, its huge offer in all kind of fashion and decoration products that will please you. Then, if you are hungry after looking into those products, you can fins gastronomic drinks and food through the flea market.

On Thursday 7th and Friday 8th, the flea market will open from 11am to 10pm. On Saturday 9th will be opened from 11am to 4am. The organisation will close the event with a special party that all of us can enjoy.

Now, if you want to find something original for this Christmas, you can get lost in that magical flea market or enjoy a few days walking through that Barcelona neighbourhood with friends or family. From Hotel Omm, a Barcelona luxury hotel, we encourage you to take the subway to go to Pedralbes neighbourhood and enjoy this unique flea market. As they say in the BCN en las Alturas flea market: put everything on the table!