31/7/13 Camí del Cel del Tibidabo

Camí del Cel del Tibidabo is a 500 meters walkway that allows the visitors see a part of the top of the mountain of Tibidabo. This is a plan for all families and gives them the chance to see a panoramic view of Barcelona.

Camí del Cel gives an option, in addition, that allows you to buy a ticket for the emblematic fairground of Barcelona, the Tibidabo. With this way, families will be able to walk through the area and visit the 8 park’s attractions which most of them are great for children.

This ticket gives you the option to visit el Avión, the Carrousel, the Atalaya, the Llaunes, the Pony Rodeo, the Rio Grande and the Museo de los Autómatas. If you are planning to visit the park, you have to see this last attraction where there is an exposition of more than 40 artworks, most of them in perfect condition.

Finally, the visit offers the possibility to see the Edificio Cel where you will be able to see a 10 minutes documentary about Tibidabo and Barcelona history.

If you want to get to Camí del Cel from the Hotel Omm, our  luxury hotel in the city centre, the best option is taking the T2A from Catalunya square with Rambla Catalunya.

Other ways to get to Camí del Cel are taking the Funicular del Tibidabo (L7 of FGC to Av.Tibidabo station, take there the Tranvía Azul and then get to the amusement park with the Funicular) or taking the Tibibus or the T2B bus line, both leaving from Sant Genís parking in Vall d’Hebron.