18/9/13 Salón Náutico de Barcelona celebrates its 52nd edition

From 24th to 29th of September will take place the Salón Náutico de Barcelona in Port Vell venue.

Concurring with La Mercè (the local festival), the Salón Náutico de Barcelona will celebrate its 52nd edition during 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th and 29th of September. The Catalan city has become a cosmopolitan city, open to the whole world.

The Salón Náutico de Barcelona, which will take place in Port Vell, the Puerto Viejo of Barcelona which begins in Colon and ends in the Barceloneta, is the biggest national nautical appointment.

The exposition will show lots of products and services related with nautical sports in Spain. All products are destined to those nautical sports and sea fans. The exposition will show the latest things related with aqua bikes, boats, fishing stuff, nautical sport materials, motors, equipment, accessories, nautical trips and schools and financial products.

The Salón Náutico de Barcelona is an indispensable appointment for nautical and sea fans. This time all new stuff will be introduced and all the international nautical brands will go.

Besides the exposition, the event will organize different activities for the families and other visitors who aren’t nautical professionals. On the 27th, for example, will take place at 20:30h a boat parade to present the nautical industry news. This show will be free for everybody.

From our Barcelona luxury hotel, we invite you to enjoy the sea and the city. Remember that Barcelona is a city with a long sea history and the reason why Barcelona has opened to the world! Go to Salón Náutico de Barcelona walking from Hotel Omm and don’t miss this chance.