21/6/13 Sant John’s eve: celebrate the shortest night of the year in Barcelona!

June 23rd is close, a date in which we celebrate the so expected Sant Joan’s eve! It’s the shortest night of the year, that is why there no enough preparations to get together with your closest ones around the mythical bonfires and the traditional “coca de Sant Joan”, a delicious sponge cake filled with cream, everything under colorful fireworks that announce the arrival of the summer solstice.

Even if it is a festivity that it’s celebrated all around the world, Catalonia puts especial emphasis into it.  Everything starts on June 23rd afternoon, when bars and night clubs organize their own private parties, even if it is also common to gather, flares at hand, in a house’s roof terrace almost till sunrise.

It is said that Sant Joan’s celebration is made out of three symbols: fire (which represents purity), water (which represents healing) and herbs (which represent recovery). Water as much as herbs are believed to increase their healing powers 100 times during that day, for this reason a lot of people goes for a swim in the sea at midnight and collects a lot of herbs!

Fire, however, is the main protagonist as there are usually done bonfires and fireworks all over the city, lovely to enjoy from restaurants at the beach such us Gallito, Pez Vela, Agua o Bestial. No doubt it is the perfect plan to witness an incredible pyrotechnic show with a delicious coctel in hand. Just keep in mind that if you want to find a good spot, you should get there early as they tend to get very crowded.

In conclusion, it is a beautiful celebration also to be enjoyed from your room in the best hotel in Barcelona centre, our Hotel Omm.