29/2/16 A journey through the history of the Motorcycle

There are loves rate types and passion for motorcycles it is one of them. More than a means of transport, this vehicle has established itself as a lifestyle in Barcelona Can you do an idea of ​​how it has changed? Pay attention to the recommendations of our Hotel Spa in Barcelona and opt for time travel through the permanent exhibition, since December, takes place at the Motorcycle Museum in Barcelona.

26/2/16 Barcelona slow Route 6: The Gothic Square by Square

Would you like to have a walk by the Gothic area? The book “Barcelona sense presses” helps us to know the oldest zone of the city. We can have a walk and move to medieval time through its narrow´s streets where we can find some of the most important buildings of the city like The Cathedral, the City Hall or Cataluña´s government Generalitat.

24/2/16 The concerts at MEAM, recommended by Barcelona’s centre hotel

If you get a bit lost into the streets of the born district and the old town, you will discover the most hidden charms of our city. The district is the perfect representation of culture and art; you must enjoy it in every way. If you get a chance, our Barcelona’s centre hotel, encourages you to visit the MEAM, the European Museum of Modern Art.

22/2/16 Children’s activities? Get to know CaixaForum thanks to our Paseo de Gracia hotel

Both, in children and babies age, acoustic communication is vital; it transmits security and helps to feel understood and communicate through songs. Because of this reason, we encourage you to participate in the musical and children’s activity from the musicians Sakapatú. This proposal will be organized every Saturday, during February, thanks to the CaixaForum organization.

19/2/16 Lang Lang in Barcelona

The renowned pianist comes back to Barcelona with Duetto Management to perform at the City Auditorium. The concert will be next Wednesday 24th of February and Lang Lang will perform Tchaikovsky´s Stations, The Italian Concert of Bach and The Four Scherzos of Chopin.

17/2/16 Discover ‘Altas Horas’ Exhibition thanks to our luxury hotel in Barcelona

If you are looking for an art exhibition, the Hotel Paseo de Gracia tells you everything about ‘Altas Horas’. It consists on a work presented in RocioSantaCruz gallery and it is available until March 26.