17/2/17 B of Barcelona, Souvenirs for everyone


At B of Barcelona. The store located in Avenida Gaudí number 28, between the Sagrada Familia and The Hospital de Sant Pau, two examples of modernism in our city.

15/2/17 De Natvræ

From February 17 until April 13, the SETBA Foundation will have a collective exhibition of artists who find inspiration in the different elements of nature in order to create their artistic works.

13/2/17 The most romantic places of Barcelona

The most romantic time of the year is coming, a special date we want to enjoy together with that special person, an unforgettable evening in a unique place full of charm. Barcelona is a city full of spectacular corners, each with its respective charm, ideal for a romantic moment. We are going to tell you which places are the best ones in the city to get you on your date for next Valentine’s Day.

10/2/17 Facial Treatment with Vitamin C

Colours can help us to express the feelings.

8/2/17 1.000 m2 of sexuality

Until 19th of March in the Exhibition Hall of the Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB) the exhibition 1,000 m2 of sexuality can be visited, an exhibition that has been in charge of investigating and representing how spaces for sex have been projected in our society since the S. XVIII.

6/2/17 “Sketches of Spain” by Ola Kolehmainen

The Senda Gallery is hosting the interesting exhibition “Sketches of Spain” by the talented Finnish photographer Ola Kolehmainen. An exhibition that reflects a decade of work by the photographer on the facades of contemporary buildings in Spain more striking and their relation light. From February 2 to March 18 will be exhibited this original collection of photographs.