4/4/16 “Five Tango Sensations and few more emotions” at Jamboree Club

Jamboree, the meeting place for young people and of alternative concerts, presents the coming Thursday, April 7th, a version of the play “Five Tango Sensations” by Astor Piazzolla.
Marcelo Mercadante, the Argentine bandoneonist, composer and tango interpreter, who resides in Barcelona nowadays, will lead the play and he will delight us with the rhythms and compositions, based on an adaptation of Piazzolla’s play. He will play with some other artists and instruments, as violin of Ivido Lanza and Marta Cardona, the viola of Úrsula Amargós, the cello of Alexis Lanza, the guitar of Javier Feierstein, the piano of Juan Esteban Cuacci and the contrebass of Emiliano Roca.

30/3/16 The “Passejada amb Barret” 2016

During these days, New York City celebrates the popular Easter Parade that on Easter Sunday closes its traffic from the 5th Avenue, celebrating this holiday and organizing an event that includes a walk through the city and an original proposal: everyone must wear a hat. This event also takes place in Catalonia, concretely in Barcelona, known as “Passejada amb Barret”. In this celebration, we want to welcome spring, the season that has given us so much. This original congregation of hats and people will be held next Sunday, April 3rd, 2016. This pieces of clothing must be accompanied by the best outfits you will see how these clothes, accompanied by the best outfits.

24/3/16 The classic match: Barca vs Madrid

If you plan to spend the weekend of the 2nd of April in Barcelona, ​​you cannot miss the Barça-Madrid match at Camp Nou. It is the last match between this two football teams, during the League season. However, this time, it will be held in the Catalan capital. If you are here, you should not miss it, if you are planning to visit Barcelona, ​​anticipate and book your ticket, in order to enjoy a memorable match.

23/3/16 BCN Design Tour 2016

The BCN Design Tour 2016 immerses you in the culture of contemporary Barcelona design and architecture and offers you a selection of the city´s main locations. Buildings, premises, bars and restaurants, hotels, galleries showrooms and other significant points, help you to understand why Barcelona is one of the worldwide design capitals.

23/3/16 The importance of time perception through the photography of Hiroshi Sugimoto

Simplicity, austerity, nature, depth, detachment, calm and much more in Hiroshi Sugimoto’s exhibition. The Mapfre Foundation presents, during the month of April and in “Casa Garriga”, a photo gallery that will give life to the purest Zen and minimalist style ¡Yes! We are talking about the work of one of the great masters of contemporary photography.

21/3/16 “Ramón Casas. The Modern life” in the Barcelona Modernist Museum

Although in the Catalan modernism, architecture has always been the main subject, painting is also a very important artistic perspective that has been responsible of naming and giving shape to this current that has left an important legacy in our city. Ramón Casas is one of the personalities that has been in charge of promoting the modernist portraits and paintings. Because of this, you will be able to enjoy a rich exhibition that will take place at the Barcelona Modernist Museum, from March 10th until May 8th.