7/10/15 The Roser Festival

In October, Barcelona does not stop. The luxury Hotel Omm welcomes to a cultural proposal that beats in the heart of the city. In this occasion, the Association of Amics de La Rambla come together to organize the Festival of Roser.

5/10/15 Dinners that Matter comes back

Dinners that Matter, a caring initiative that brings together diners and restaurants quarterly to support local social projects, will take place again on October 8th. The participating restaurants will donate 25% of their revenue to the Foundation Amics de la Gent Gran and to Sant Joan de Déu Children’s Hospital..


The autumn is here! Come back with energy, we will help you with “The Spaciomm Experience”. It is a unique massage that incorporates several techniques, pressure, stretching, acupressure and essential oils that stimulate the senses and induce deep relaxation. Feel your own elasticity and youth!

30/9/15 Exhibitions in Barcelona autumn-winter

This autumn-winter presents a passionate cultural variety of the art world that you cannot lose. That is why Omm Hotel invites its guests to visit the new rentrée culturelle of Barcelona.

28/9/15 Popular runs you cannot miss

If you are one of those who never forget his trainers when traveling, Omm Hotel has a proposal for you. The current crisis and the pursuit of healthy habits have made of running a fashion tendency.

23/9/15 When the lines become time

Is there a physical ending to the objects around us? Have you ever wondered about temporality on the world surrounding issues? Joan Miró Foundation’s Espai 13 invites you to find it out yourself. Omm Hotel recommends When lines become time, a series of exhibitions that provides the opportunity to question the fragility of physical time. In collaboration with known artists such as Rubén Grilo, Sofia Hultén, Renata Lucas and Rosana Antolí, the concept of temporality seems to be filled with an uncertainty in which we could dig through their works.