13/3 Thematic routes in Barcelona: Medieval route

As we were telling you last week, Barcelona Tourism Office has created several routes to ease the visit of Barcelona. These routes are divided by themes, and are extremely interesting to all those who don’t want to settle for a quick view to the city but also want to deeply get to know it. Omm Spa Barcelona today tells you about the medieval route.

9/3 Robbie Williams arrives in Barcelona

The most rebel and sassiest pop British singer starts his new tour in Spain and, it couldn’t be any other way, he visits Barcelona March 27th to give us the best of his music. Hotel Omm, your luxury hotel in Barcelona, tells you everything you need to know about Robbie Williams, without a doubt one of the funniest pop artists.

6/3 The third edition of Palo Alto Market

Palo Alto Market, a new street market in Barcelona located in Poble Nou area.

4/3 Thematic routes in Barcelona: Roman route

Barcelona is a very rich city when it comes to culture, art and architecture; so much that sometimes it feels impossible to be able to see everything in a limited time. Because of that, the tourism office of Barcelona has created different thematic routes to easy the visit of those passionate about a specific type of art. Today Hotel Omm introduces you to the Roman route.

2/3 The eye of Antoni Arissa

The Contemporary Culture Center of Barcelona brings us an exposition of the Catalan photographer Antoni Arissa, one of the national artists better recognized of the 20th century. Hotel Omm invites you to visit this sample of more than 160 pictures in black and white that go through his professional career.

27/2 March special treatment: Facial express

Would you like to see the true light of your skin? You can enjoy the innovative technical express facials this month: the carboxitherapy by Natura Bissé. A technique that fights the signs of aging in just 30′. Spectacular and immediate!